WriterDuet FAQ

Is web-based screenwriting viable for professional screenwriters? 

Absolutely ... with WriterDuet. Other screenwriting websites give web apps a bad name, falling far below the standard that serious writers require. WriterDuet changes that, with a browser-based experience that makes your screenwriting app an effortless extension of your creative mind. 

That said, if you love our interface but would prefer the traditional, totally offline, file-based desktop software experience, check out WriterSolo at www.writersolo.com. It's free, and yet it's better than anything else out there.

What browser do you recommend? 

Many browsers are supported by WriterDuet, but Chrome is by far the best in terms of speed and features it supports.

I'm having issues loading or accessing WriterDuet, or another problem with the software.

First, check out our troubleshooting tips. If you're still experiencing the issue, email us at help@writerduet.com with as many details as you can provide (operating system/device, app/browser, what steps you are taking, and where you are hitting a stopping point).

Are page counts the same in any browser/app, in Final Draft, and in PDF/print? 

100%. We hate inconsistency.

Do you support stageplays, TV and documentary formats? What about comic books, novels and treatments?

Yes! You can change the script template under Format > Document Template, and customize it further under Customize > Format.

Are scripts private? 

Yes. WriterDuet uses SSL security, and generates random access codes to share with collaborators you choose. Scripts are not shared except through your requests & guest codes.

Can I get my script out? 

All users can export scripts in many formats under File > Export. You can also import those (even PDF and Word docs), and paste in Fountain text directly!

Do you support mobile devices? 

Yes! You can find the mobile app in your respective app store or access WD via mobile browser at writerduet.com.

Does WriterDuet own my writing? 

Definitely not. You retain your rights, and simply grant WriterDuet permission to share and perform (on ReadAloud) scripts as you request. We don’t have any ownership of your work, and only share your scripts in ways you request.

How are files saved? 

We auto-save all changes on our servers, and you can backup copies to Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and your computer. We also save automatic plain text backups to your offline browser memory that can be accessed under Help > Locally Saved Backups

Does WriterDuet work offline? 

Yes! With WriterDuet Pro, you can seamlessly write with or without an Internet connection. When you reconnect online, your script will automatically sync.

Can I get industry-standard revisions with *s? 

Absolutely! Use Revisions > View & Track to start creating a revision draft, or Revisions > Date & Writers to create one retroactively (<--attention script coordinators)! Print or download a PDF from there, and toggle the view on and off independent from the change-tracking under Revisions > View & Track. 

Are the Paid and Free versions compatible? 

Totally. Pro writers will have access to more features within a script they’re collaborating on versus a Free user, but Pro and Free users can seamlessly collaborate. Only paid users can send invites, but anyone can join a script invitation link.

Will I lose my scripts if I cancel my subscription?

Not at all! If you decide to pause or cancel your subscription you will still have access to all of your projects with WriterDuet Free. You can view/edit your projects but will not have access to paid subscription features, such as the ability to create more than three projects

Will I lose my scripts if I delete my account?

Yes. Deleting your account will completely erase your account data from the app; please make sure you have recent backups of all of your account's projects before deleting.

May I ask a question? 

Of course! Email us at help@writerduet.com.

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