Troubleshooting Tips

Is something about the app inhibiting your standard workflow? We have the answers to our most commonly-asked questions right here! You can also email us at for additional help.

I can't find what I wrote. My projects are not here.

Sometimes, despite everything, one can end up in a situation where text, content, or documents are missing.

Try Find Your Content.

That wasn't the subscription I intended to get.

Perhaps you wanted the monthly but were charged for the yearly, or vice versa. 

Either way, you can manage your subscription through Help > Account or if you would like assistance in correcting this error, reach out to

The document won't export or export properly.

You've tried and tried exporting with no success. Perhaps you're getting the never-ending spinning W wheel, nothing happens at all, or what you see on the screen does not match the page. 

Try Export Troubleshooting.

I cannot log in or logging in displays nothing, not even a blank page. 

Is it having you make a new account? Did you forget your password? Is the screen blank when you log in? 

Try Log In & Out.

My project won't load.

Does the project just continue to load without any progress? Keep the regular window open and try logging in through a private/incognito window. If you can see your project in the portfolio and it loads properly when opened, go back to your regular browser and log out and back in. 

Do not log out without confirming the project loads in a private/incognito window. If it doesn't load in a private/incognito window, in the regular window go to Help > Locally Saved Backups to see if you can access a recent plain text backup. Copy and paste this text into the existing project or a new project. 

If it is not resolved, reach out to and share any details about the issue and your troubleshooting steps. 

"You are not connected to the server" or "Offline"

You keep getting this message and you're not sure why.

Try Connection & Performance.

My portfolio is empty.

Did you log in, but your portfolio is empty?

Try Find Your Content.

My content's formatting doesn't look like it should.

Did the font suddenly change? Are the margins off? First, refresh your browser twice. This can help clear any cache holding onto old formatting settings. 

Another option is to go to Customize > Format and select Reset all formatting to default to see if resetting the formatting resolves the issue.

Also, see Change Document Template, Page & Line Margins, Change Font Type & Size, Format Text Style, and other formatting settings

If it is not resolved, reach out to and share any details about the issue and your troubleshooting steps. 

My menus and tools are not where they normally are.

You returned to the site and things look different. Depending on your layout, widgets and menus are located in different places. WriterDuet has five customizable layouts

Try Customize Your Workspace.

It's soooo slow!

Things are moving so slowly you're practically moving backward!

Try Connection & Performance.

When I write on the Desktop app, it doesn't show up online.

This could be a connectivity issue. Be sure that the save icon displays a green checkmark. Check the desktop for any updates.

If it is not resolved, reach out to and share any details about the issue and your troubleshooting steps. 

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