Import Content

Did you complete some work in another program that you would like to edit in WriterDuet? Easily import your content into a new or existing document. 

Import Content into a Document

  1. Select File > Import
  2. Open the Document Template drop-down menu to select the desired document template.
  3. Select the location the file will be imported from
    1. Your computer
    2. Dropbox
    3. Google Drive
    4. iCloud
  4. As needed, uncheck the box for Import file settings
    1. We recommend leaving this checked as it can alter the desired formatting
  5. Locate, select, and open the file
    1. Accepted file formats
      1. Final Draft (.fdx)
      2. PDF
      3. Celtx
      4. Fountain
      5. Text
      6. Microsoft Word (.docx)
      7. WriterDuet (.wdz)
      8. RTF
      9. JSON
  6. Select if you would like to import this into a New Project, New Document, or Replace the existing document
  7. The content will appear in the document
    1. We cannot guarantee the formatting for some file types will be one-to-one and some editing may be necessary after importing.
    2. For importing and exporting, we recommend WriterDuet and Final Draft, as they will maintain your formatting the best.

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