Did you accidentally replace your current document, or do you wish you had kept that previous wording? Step into the Tardis and travel through time! The Timeline stores the full edit history of your document. Quickly step back to see how things have changed and even select a previous version to make a copy of or revert back to.

Open/Close the Timeline

  1. Select Revisions > Show Timeline

  1. To close the Timeline, select Revisions > Show Timeline
    1. If you are still viewing a past version, you will be asked if you would like to Remain in past or Return to present

  1. Open the Timeline
  2. To navigate:
    1. Use the arrows to the left and right of the timeline.
      1. << >> will jump backward and forward by each edit
      2. |<< >>| will jump to the beginning and end of the timeline
      3. Drag the circle to the desired date and time on the timeline.

Create a Copy from a Point in Time

This will create a copy of the document from that edit version. It will be listed in the Project widget. 

  1. Open the Timeline
  2. Navigate to the desired version in the Timeline
  3. Select Revisions > Duplicate Document
    1. The document will appear in the Project widget as [Document Name (MM/DD/YY 00:00)]

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