AutoTranslate - Premium Feature

What does it do?

Select from a list of languages and translate your document without losing any formatting. This saves a huge amount of time for translators, who now just need to proofread and edit. Beyond that, AutoTranslate allows for collaboration between writers that don’t even speak the same language. 
Note: This feature is available as a separate yearly purchase or with a Premium subscription.  Update  your subscription today!

Translate Your Document

  1. Select Tools > Plugins > AutoTranslate
  2. From the Translate drop-down menu, select the desired language
  3. From the Original drop-down menu, select the original language
  4. Select Add
    1. The translated document will open in a new document tab. The translation will save in the app, but you will need to make a copy if you would like for it to be a doc in the project.

Available Languages

Open a Translated Document

  1. Open the document that the translation was made from
  2. Select Tools > Plugins > AutoTranslate
  3. In the list of document translations, select Open for the desired translation.

AutoTranslate menu with one document translation listed

Create a Copy of the Translated Document

  1. Select Docs > New Document > Page
    1. The name will be auto-filled to "Translated to: [Language]"
    2. The option to copy will already be selected
  2. Select Create
    1. The document will now live in the Docs widget

New Document options window with name prefilled and the copy option selected