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5 Great TV Show Cold Opens & Why They Work

A well-written cold open can hook your reader in the first few pages of your script. Here are 5 cold opens to pick some pointers for your own scripts!

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What Is Your Story?

6 Ways to Brand Yourself as a Screenwriter

How can you sell people on the idea that your screenwriting voice needs to be heard? Good personal branding will help other people help you!

Is Your Screenplay a Blueprint or a Novel?

If a screenplay is merely a blueprint for a movie, does that mean it can’t still read like a beautifully written novel? Explore the balance!

Managers, Agents, and Execs: A Film Industry Breakdown

Before you set up meetings with film industry insiders, know the difference between them all: how can they help you, and how do they differ?

Writer Duos: How Greta Gerwig & Noah Baumbach Write A Screenplay

Collaboration is a beautiful thing. It’s a fundamental part of what makes WriterDuet and our community great! So we want to start shining a light on our favorite screenwriting duos