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Simple yet powerful: The beautiful paradox that we all want from our tools. To that end, we have undergone a number of projects in order to make your scriptwriting experience faster, more intuitive, and (most especially) more reliable.

Faster Load

This is where the majority of our technical time has been spent recently. For any scripts, books or boards you have that were slow and choppy, the difference should be shocking.

Docs are easier to use

A project contains docs such as your script, title page, and a private notepad. Docs can be viewed in page form, as ordered scene cards, or as a mind map. Therefore, you can add docs to your project in order to create unsynced mind maps, character boards, treatments or anything else without leaving your project.

This has been true for a long time. So why is this the first you’re hearing about it? Because we needed to make design improvements and open up docs to more users in order to enable the full power of projects.

Cards and Mind Map

The Cards and Mind Map views should be more intuitive now, in addition to being faster. Draggable headers and a simplified look make it easier to see and manage them at a glance– which is kind of the whole point of cards!


In addition to these updates, you’ll notice design and usability improvements here and there that we hope will make your writing experience better and more enjoyable. Let us know how we’re doing, and where we are or aren’t hitting the mark with Simplicity and Power.

Head over to https://www.writerduet.com/script to try the new version! You may need to reload the page a few times before you see the updates. 

Let us know any and all thoughts– about WDv7 or about WriterDuet in general!

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