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How To Host Your First Table Read

Taken your script through a few rounds of notes and rewrites? Not sure what to do next? Use your first table read to take your screenplay to the next level!

The Three Phases of Writing a Film

A film is made three times: on the page, on set, and finally, in the edit. But what do these phases of writing a film mean when it comes to storytelling?

5 Great TV Show Cold Opens & Why They Work

A well-written cold open can hook your reader in the first few pages of your script. Here are 5 cold opens to pick some pointers for your own scripts!

The Truth About Writing Music into Your Screenplay

Screenwriters have long been cautioned to avoid writing music into their screenplays. Here's how to make songs in screenplays work!

WD Wants Your Feedback!

We are constantly looking to improve your experience. Help us help you get the screenwriting content that's relevant to you!

Is Your Screenplay a Blueprint or a Novel?

If a screenplay is merely a blueprint for a movie, does that mean it can’t still read like a beautifully written novel? Explore the balance!