Save a Project

Great news! Your work is already saved! Having trouble locating your saved work? See Find Your Content.

Cloud-based Saving

Your work automatically and continually syncs to the WriterDuet servers when the app is online. If you complete any work offline, your content will sync once you are connected to the internet. To learn more about working offline, see Write Offline.  

Generate a Manual Save

The following action will manually sync your work with the WriterDuet servers. This is in addition to the automatic syncing. 

It can also generate a Snapshot if you enable the setting

With backup settings set, the action will manually sync your work and generate an external backup to the designated location. To generate a save outside of WriterDuet or set up external backups, see Set External Project Backups.

  1. Press Cmd/Ctrl + S


  1. Select File > Save Project

You can identify if you are connected to the servers by the Online Status Indicator visible in your display. Its look and location will vary depending on your chosen layout.

  • Green indicator checkmark: All changes have been synced to the server and your script is fully up-to-date and saved. In WriterSolo, green means that you have downloaded a file since the last time you made an edit, so the saved file is up-to-date.
  • Yellow indicator checkmark: All changes are saved to the local memory (whether it is your browser or the desktop app), but there are some that have not been synced to the server yet. When in offline mode, this will be the indication that it is saving offline properly.
  • Red indicator checkmark: There have been changes made that are not yet saved to either the local memory or the server.
    • Warning: DO NOT close out of the tab or app when this indicator is red or you may lose content.
Online Status Indicator Look & Location

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