Duplicate a Document - Paid Feature

Want to duplicate your draft so you can take it in a new direction without affecting the original? Quickly duplicate the document! 

*Note: This feature is available with a paid subscription. Update your subscription today!

Duplicate a Document

  1. Open the Project widget
  2. Right-click on or select the three dots to the right of the document you would like to duplicate
  3. Select Duplicate Document
  4. Name the document
    1. As needed, you can make this document private. Collaborators will not see this document in the list or be able to access it. See Make a Document Private or Public for details.
  5. Select the desired View for this duplicate (This is simply the default opening view. It can still be viewed in any of the other views at any time.) 
    1. Page
    2. Cards
    3. Mind Map
  6. Select Create

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