Mind Map

What does it do?

View cards in an open grid with the ability to move cards freely, resize them, and even link them to create relationships. 

Open Mind Map

This mode contains the same content as the Page view and Cards Mode. Move cards in Mind Map does not change the order of content in the script (Page view).

  1. From the editing area menu just above the page, select the mode drop-down.
    1. It will display as the view/mode you are currently in. 
  2. Select Mind Map

Move Cards

  1. Click and hold the card you would like to move
  2. Drag the card to the desired location
    1. This will not change the order of things in the page view

Change Card Size

  1. Place your cursor on the edge or corner of the card
  2. Click and drag to resize

Create a Link Between Cards

  1. Click and hold the card until it is slightly transparent
  2. Drag the card over the card you would like to link to
  3. Wait for both cards to turn slightly transparent
  4. Release the card
    1. A link will be created between the two cards
    2. Follow the same action in reverse to unlink

View Outline Only

  1. Select Options
  2. Select Use outline mode
    1. This will filter the content down to sluglines (scene headings) and outline lines

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