Make a Document Private or Public

Have a TOP SECRET draft you don't want your collaborators seeing? Or perhaps you have made some great notes in your Private Pad document and would like to share them with your collaborators? Easily create a private document or change a private document to public with this feature. 

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Create a Private Document

A private document cannot be viewed or accessed by collaborators.

  1. Open the Project widget
  2. Select Add Document
  3. Name the document
  4. Select the desired template
  5. Check the box next to Private document: co-writers will not be able to access this document
  6. Select the desired View for this document (This is simply the default opening view. It can still be viewed in any of the other views at any time.) 
    1. Page View
    2. Cards View
    3. Mind Map
  7. Select Create

Make a Private Document Public

This will make the document visible to all other collaborators on the project.

  1. Open the Project widget
  2. Right-click on or select the three dots to the right of the private document
  3. Select Make Document Public
  4. Select Confirm
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