Manage Your Projects & Documents

This is all of your work, your art, your masterpieces! Think of a project as a collection of materials created to craft your story, including drafts, character documents, outlines, etc.

Projects & Documents Overview

Each project is a collection of important documents for the story you are crafting. The structure built into projects helps keep you organized. 

When a project is open, you can view all of its documents in the Project Widget

A document is the content you are crafting. You can view the document and its contents in a Page view, Cards View, or Mind Map View. To change the view of a document see "Change a Document's View" or "Change Document's Default Opening Settings" in Open a Document

Each project will start with three documents: Default Document, Title Page, and Private Pad. These documents are separate to help you keep your content organized with document templates that contain industry-standard formatting. You can add more documents as you create your custom workflow in the app.

Default Document

This is the first document created when you make a new project. This document's name can be customized when your project is created.  

Title Page

This document comes prefilled with your project information in the industry-standard title page format. All of the content and formatting can be edited. This document will export with the document you are viewing by default. You can change what documents export together through File > Export. See Export a Document for details.

Private Pad

This document is like your scratchpad. Leave notes, thoughts, musings, etc. to your heart's desire. Don't worry about any collaborator's seeing this information. It's private unless you no longer want it to be. 

Manage Your Projects

To learn how your projects are managed in your Portfolio, see Manage Your Portfolio.

Open the Project Widget

  1. In Default, Flow, Simplified, Hybrid, and Mobile Layouts, select the Project icon in the left sidebar

  1. In Classic Layout, select the Project Documents tab in the right widget panel


  1. Add the widget to a customized layout through the available widgets. See 'Add a Widget' in Customize Your Workspace.

Manage Your Documents

Your options for managing documents are practically limitless. Discover all of the possibilities and create your custom workflow. 

Rearrange Your Documents

In the Project widget, the project's first document and Title Page will be listed first by default. All additional documents will be added to the bottom of the list. You can customize the order of the documents by dragging and dropping them in the desired location (this action cannot be taken on a mobile device).

These changes can be made by and are visible to the project owner and any collaborators (except Read-Only).

  1. Click and hold the desired document
  2. Drag it to the desired location
  3. Drop the document

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