View and Track Revisions and Edits

What does it do?

So you want to track changes that are made to a script? Perhaps you're looking to:
  • Track the revisions to print for production puposes.
  • Easily identify your collaborator's changes to the script as you both work.
  • See a specific writer's revisions from a particular day.

Whatever the reason, WriterDuet's revision tracking is fully customizable to fit your exact needs!

Tracking vs. Viewing

  • Tracking is like "recording." If the box is checked for Track on a revision while you are writing, this means the changes you are making are being "recorded" under this revision. You can always revisit these changes by viewing the revision. 
  • Viewing is simply that: viewing the revisions. Only once you are tracking your changes under a revision can you view them. It is like "listening" to the "recording."

Create a Revision

  1. Select Revisions > View & Track
  2. From the New revision drop-down, select the desired revision type.
    1. Writers - Select a collaborator on your project to track
    2. Production - Select a page type (i.e. Blue ([MM/DD/YY]), 2nd Green ([MM/DD/YY]), etc.)
    3. Custom - Customize the revision name based on date, draft, multiple writers, etc.
  3. Choose the tracking colors
    1. The left color selection will alter the text color. 
    2. The right color selection will alter the paper color.
      1. This will not alter the documents page color in your display. Instead, you will see a color banner on the left edge of any page that has revisions.
  4. Choose if everyone will be added to this revision.
    1. This will mean that everyone is added to the viewing and tracking for the revision when it is created.  
    2. This defaults to Yes.
  5. Select Create 

Edit Revision Settings

Track, View, and Ignore can be controlled through the Modes widget, as well, when the revision is active.

  1. Select Revisions > View & Track
  2. Open the Edit Checkboxes For: drop-down to select the user(s) you would like to change settings for 
    1. All Users
    2. [Your name]
    3. [Collaborator(s)]
  3. Change the desired user-specific and/or document-specific settings
  4. Select Done

User-specific settings

These settings will change for the user(s) based on the selection under Edit Checkboxes For:

  • Track - will enable recording/memory of changes made to the script.
    • If you have created a revision for yourself and a collaborator, turn off tracking for everyone but yourself. Each collaborator will want tracking on for their revisions only. 
  • View - will enable all collaborators to see the revisions.
  • Ignore - will ignore the revisions in your view. If tracking is enabled, it will continue to track.
  • Viewing Text color - this checkbox will enable/disable the viewing of the text color
  • Viewing Page color - this checkbox will enable/disable the viewing of the page color (a color border on the left edge of the page)
  • Symbol - will enable the industry standard * (asterisk) symbol that appears in the right margin next to any revision. You can also change the symbol used in the margin.

Document-specific settings

These settings will change for the document and all users, regardless of user-specific settings. 

  • Full - will alter the default settings of the page header and the page color border. 
    • The standard is for the revision header and page color border to only appear on the pages that have revisions. 
    • Full will place a header and border on every page of the script. 
  • Remove - will remove that revision tracking and its history from the script entirely.  
  • Show deleted text will keep deleted text in the script but in red with a line through it.

View of line with revisions:
Show deleted text is activated. The blue banner on the left of the page signifies this is a blue paper revision. The * (asterisk) in the right margin notes a line with a revision. 
These revisions will be visible in an exported PDF. Change these settings through Customize > PDF.
Revision Tracking visible in the Modes widget:

Mark will add an * (asterisk) next to the revision. Unmark will remove the revision color, any visible deleted text, and the * (asterisk) for that line.

Mark/Unmark a Revision

If you forgot to have revision tracking on while making edits or you would like to remove a revision from a line, use the Revision Tracking options in the Modes widget on the right to add or remove the revision. 

  1. Highlight the desired text or place your cursor in the desired line
  2. Select Mark or Unmark as needed
    1. To mark or unmark the entire line, press Shift and then click Mark or Unmark
    2. An asterisk will appear in the right margin, the text will change to the revision color, and a color border will appear on the left edge of the page.

Export Revisions

You can export revised pages only or export the full document with revisions visible.

  1. View the revisions you would like to see
    1. Revisions must be visible on the page in order to be included in the export
  2. Go to File > Export
  3. Select the desired file format
  4. Select the desired Options.
    1. See Export a Document for more info