Review and Accept Collaborator Changes - Pro Feature

So you shared your script and got some changes from your collaborators? Great! You can review and accept the changes by Date range, Time range, and/or Individual writers.

* Note: This feature is available with a Pro subscription. Update your subscription today!

Set the Range

  1. Select Revisions > Accept/Reject
  2. Select the ranges you would like
    1. Date & Time ranges will show all revisions made on the date(s) during that timeframe 
    2. Specific writer(s) below the calendar will show all revisions from that writer
    3. Revisions to the right of the calendar will show only the revisions tracked in that revision category
  3. Select Review
Line edit being reviewed:

Changes will appear in color with * (asterisks) in the right margin. The yellow highlight will show which change you are on out of the total number of changes. Deleted text will appear in red with a line through it.

Accept/Reject Changes

  1. Use the Accept/Reject options in the Modes widget to navigate through the changes.
    1. Accept will unmark the affected line and keep the change.
    2. Reject will undo it; the change will disappear.
    3. Arrows left & right will step through changes without affecting them.
    4. Accept All will accept all changes. 
    5. Undo will undo the last Accept/Reject.
Accept/Reject options in Modes widget (top right of display screen):

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