Date & Writers Revisions

Want to see the changes your collaborator made the other day? Forget to turn on revision tracking and need to retroactively see past edits? Easily view revisions made on a specific day, even down to the minute. You can also collect these changes into a new or existing tracked revision. 

For quick access to this and other Revisions, add the Revisions widget to your layout. 

View a Revision by Date & Writer

  1. Select Revisions > Date & Writers
  2. Select the desired date(s).
  3. Slide the toggle on each date to set the desired time range.
  4. Check the box next to the desired writer(s).
    1. Leaving the boxes unchecked will bring up all revisions made during the selected date/time range.
  5. Assign a text color for each writer.
  6. As needed, check or uncheck the option for Show deleted text.
  7. Select View
    1. Any revisions will appear in color text with an * (asterisk) in the right margin.
    2. If deleted text is marked as visible, it will appear in red with a line through it.

Create or Add to a Revision

This will create a revision for this date/time range, or add the revisions from this date/time range to an existing revision.

  1. View revisions by date and writer
  2. In the Modes widget, select Mark
  3. Select New revision or an existing revision
  4. As desired, check or uncheck Switch to revision
    1. If enabled, this will switch you from Date & Writers mode to View & Track Revisions mode
    2. If disabled, you will remain in Date & Writers mode
  5. Select Add marks
Date & Writers mode in the Modes widget

Add revision marks options

Export Revisions

You can export revised pages only or export the full document with revisions visible.

  1. View the revisions you would like to see
    1. Revisions must be visible on the page in order to be included in the export
  2. Go to File > Export
  3. Select the desired file format
  4. Select the desired Options.
    1. See Export a Document for more info
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