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Character Voice

How I Use Dialogue Filter to Create a Unique Character Voice

When it comes to creating unique a character voice, everything I know about human interaction seems to fly out the window. Sometimes, I don’t even know how I would say something, let alone how the fictional people that exist only in my head would say it.

48-Hour Screenplay Throwdown

Flex your writing skills in the ultimate free screenwriting contest! Once Screenplay Throwdown starts, you'll have 48 hours to write a script from scratch, pit it up against screenwriters from around the world, and see if you'll be the last writer standing!

How Pro Screenwriters Outline a Script

Award-winning screenwriting duo Alisha Brophy & Scott Miles (Inside Job, Netflix) use a 4 phase process to outline their script and turn a story idea into a finished screenplay.

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Over 900 writers from around the world submitted their scripts to the 48-Hour Screenplay Throwdown contest. Here are the incredible Semi-Finalists and Finalists of the contest!

WD 48-Hour Screenplay Throwdown: Summer ’21

Get ready to rumble again! It’s time to throw down your screenwriting skills and see if you’ve got what it takes to be the last writer standing!