WriterDuet 48-Hour Screenplay Throwdown Finalists and Winner

We were floored by the outpouring of creativity from the scripts submitted to the 48-Hour Screenplay Throwdown! With over 1500 writers from all over the world entering the contest, the WriterDuet writing community exceeded our wildest expectations.

All writers had just 48 hours to craft a screenplay that embodied the Throwdown Theme Tough Love and incorporate a few other confinements from the contest rules.

The quality of work we received from the scripts submitted was beyond fantastic, making the selection process incredibly difficult. But! Five special scripts rose to the occasion, and we are proud to share those writers with you now!



Coffee – James Cameron 🏆

In four pages, one scene, on one ordinary set, Coffee by James Cameron tells a complete story involving three characters as they quickly, unexpectedly, break each other’s hearts.  The storytelling is subtle, the dialogue realistic, the characters relatable.  On the surface, it’s an ordinary slice of modern life, but by the end the reader can fully imagine the off-screen story that leads us up to this point, and thus fully appreciate the twist that informs the unforeseen payoff to the ending.  One can easily imagine these four pages being a key turning point in a larger, longer story, but it certainly wouldn’t have to be.  In this very short length, Coffee manages to contain a beginning, middle and end, and would succeed on its own as a most satisfying short film.

Daniel Petrie Jr.
Guest Judge


Daniel Petrie Jr. is an Academy Award-nominated writer, producer, and director of film and television. He is best known for pioneering the sub-genres of action comedy and buddy cop films through films like Beverly Hills Cop and Turner & Hooch. He served as President of the Writers Guild of America, West between 1997 and 1999, and then again between 2004 and 2005.

WriterDuet will be donating to The Writers Guild Foundation. Join us in supporting them here!



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  1. Wait.. if this is The James Cameron I don’t feel so bad about losing. Maybe be A guest judge in the next competition?

    • The winner is James Cameron but he’s not the same James Cameron that directed Avatar 🙂

  2. Noah, it was nice, funny. James, I laughed in the end too, nice one. Sam and Dan, that was so creative! I could see the scene perfectly in my head. Spot on. Melissa, that was very emotional, the fact that such a small document can almost make you cry… Max, yours was my favourite. My youthful taste loves simple stories that can make you laugh and cry at the same time and you captured it perfectly. My opinions means nothing, but I felt like I should still leave it here. Great job, folks. I hope I can make my way into the next competition too!

  3. Congratulations James!!

  4. Hmm, I guess the term “tough love” means something different for me because most of these don’t fit it. Congrats to all involved though.

  5. Congratulations James! And awesome job to everyone that submitted a script. I’m sure everyone did their very best!

  6. Dear friends, you have chosen some amazing, breathtakingly talented scripts! You’ve done an incredible job! But why are you showing us so few texts? -) Could you post a little more of the scripts you like? 10 or 20? I would love to read more! And I think other authors will support me!

    • Hey Anna, that’s a great idea! In future throwdowns we might expand our finalists!

  7. 1500+ Wow!? Good job guys! Standing out above 1500+ scripts is truly a feat.

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