Character Scenes Report - Pro Feature

Need to print the scenes for one character or just the scenes these two characters are in? Quickly isolate scenes with Dialogue for one or multiple characters. 
This will display all of the scene's content for the character(s) selected. To see only the dialogue for specific characters, see the View Dialogue Report.
Note: This feature is available with a paid subscription.  Update  your subscription today!

Generate a Character Scenes Report

This report will filter the script down to the scenes for the character(s) you have selected. This is not an analytical report.

  1. Select Tools > Reports > Character Scenes
  2. Check the box next to the character(s) whose scenes you wish to isolate.
  3. If you have selected multiple characters, select either Any or All
    1. Any will isolate the scene that any of the characters are in, whether or not they are all in the same scene.
    2. All will isolate only the scenes that all of the selected characters are in. 
  4. The script will be filtered to view only the isolated scenes and the Character Scene report will show as active in the Modes widget on the right of the display.
    1. To retain the content as is, export as a PDF
    2. A Document Statistics report or any other report can be run on it. 
    3. Editing this content will apply to the main document as this is only a filtered view of the main document's contents.
    4. To return to the full script, close the report in the Modes widget.

Display with Modes widget open

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