Reports Overview

Whether you are looking to track your writing progress, filter the content, create reports for production, or check your writing statistics, WriterDuet's Reports feature gives you a variety of options to view your content and analyze the data. Find the reports that best suit your writing needs.

*Note: This feature is available with a paid subscription. Update your subscription today!

Statistical & Analytical Reports

These reports will collect data from your document and present it in an organized view. 

  • Document Statistics - Collect statistics on pages, word count, gender, line types, writing metrics, and more. 
  • Locations & Scenes - Create a breakdown of the scenes by location and included data on time, pages, characters, and more.

Content & Filtering Reports

These reports will present the document in the desired format with the selected content. Essentially, they will filter what content in the document you can and cannot see so that unrelated content is temporarily hidden. These reports can be used in conjunction with statistical and analytical reports.

  • PDF w/notes - Generate a PDF export with note lines and comments included based on the formatting you select.
  • Dialogue Filter - Filter the document's contents to see only the dialogue for the selected character(s).
  • Non-Dialogue Filter- Filter the document's contents to see only non-dialogue lines. This will hide Character and Dialogue lines from view.
  • List of Shots - Filter the document's contents to see only Shot lines. The sluglines for the scenes the shots are in will be visible, as well. 
  • Hide All Shots - Hide all Shot lines from view in the document.
  • Hide Inline Notes - Hide all Note lines present in the document. 
  • Character Scenes Filter - Filter the document's contents to view the scenes for the selected character(s).
  • Custom Report - Filter the document's contents to view only the selected line type(s).
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