If you prefer the file-based system of writing and aren't in need of the collaborative or multi-device features of WriterDuet, you can use WriterSolo! 

WriterSolo is a free version of WriterDuet that is not synced to any servers.

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How It Works

  • All of the same tools and functions as WriterDuet, including Plus and Pro features.
  • Files are fully compatible with WriterDuet.
  • Save all content to your device or external cloud drive (Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud). Does not connect to the WriterDuet servers.
  • Work online in the browser app or offline in the desktop app.

Work in the Browser Version

Go to www.WriterSolo.com

Download the WriterSolo Desktop App

  1. Go to www.WriterSolo.com
  2. Select Help > Download Desktop App
  3. Select the appropriate Operating System
  4. Install on your computer

Update the Desktop App

  1. Select Help > Check for Updates
  2. Select Check for Updates
    1. If an update is available, it will automatically download
    2. Close the Check for Desktop App Updates window
    3. Close the app and reopen it

Save Your Project in WriterSolo

All of your work must be saved to your device or an external cloud drive. 

  • You will be able to choose between saving to your device, Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud. You can also select multiple options. 
  • When saving to your device, you will be asked to choose a file path. 
  • Closing the app without saving will result in lost content.
  • Each new save with the same filename will write over the existing file. 

We recommend saving WriterDuet (.wdz) or Final Draft (.fdx) files for ease of opening and their compatibility with WriterDuet.

  1. Select File > Save As or Cmd/Ctrl + S
  2. As needed, change the Filename
  3. Select the desired file format
  4. Select the desired save location(s)
    1. Download to device
    2. Email a copy
    3. Save to external cloud
  5. As needed, select Auto-save after 1 minute of inactivity
  6. Select Save

You can also set up project backups to automatically backup while you are working. See Set External Project Backups for more information.

Enable Locally Saved/In-App Backups in WriterSolo

This will ensure that as you are writing your work is being saved to the browser or app's cache/memory periodically. These backups can be used to recover lost content through Help > Locally Saved Backups. If the browser has been closed recently or history has been cleared, the local cache/memory has most likely been cleared and these backups cannot be recovered. See Locally Saved Backups for more information. To create backups you can access no matter what, see Set External Project Backups.

  1. Select File > Save As or press Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + S
  2. Check the box next to Save in-app backups (for non-shared computers)
  3. Select Save


  1. Select File > Open Project or press Cmd/Ctrl + O
  2. Check the box next to Save backups under Help > Locally Saved Backups (recommended for non-shared computers)
  3. Select the X to close the Open Project window

Open a Project in WriterSolo

The best files to open in WriterSolo are WriterDuet (.wdz) and Final Draft (.fdx).

Open a New Project
  1. Select File > New Project
  2. Name the project
  3. Begin the exhilarating process of writing!

Open an Existing Project
  1. Select File > Open Project
    1. Shortcut: Cmd/Ctrl+O
  2. Select the location the project is saved in. 
    1. Your computer
    2. Dropbox
    3. Google Drive
    4. iCloud
  3. Select the file you wish to open
  4. Select Open

Upload your WriterSolo Work to WriterDuet

  1. In WriterSolo, export or save your project as WriterDuet (.wdz) or Final Draft (.fdx)
  2. Go to WriterDuet
  3. Open a New Project
  4. Import the project
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