Title Page

What does it do?

Your Title Page is its own document with specialized formatting for ease of editing. It comes preloaded with the project name as the title, your name in the author slot, and places to add your address, phone, and email. You can edit the Title Page however necessary. 
Preloaded Title Page for a new project

Open Title Page

  1. Select File > Title Page
    1. It will open in a new tab


  1. Go to the Docs widget 
    1. In Simplified or Hybrid layout this will be found under the Project Info & Docs icon on the left sidebar
    2. For instructions on how to open the docs widget see Open a Widget.
  2. Double-click the Title Page
    1. It will open in a new tab

OR in Hybrid, Classic, or Custom layouts

  1. Double-click the project title displayed to the right in the top menu bar.
    1. It will open in a new tab

Edit Title Page

  1. Open the Title Page
  2. Edit content as needed
    1. To add new lines or change a line type, select a line type from the Line Types widget on the left side of the display or select Format > Line Type and then select the desired line typed. 
    2. Add as much content as necessary even if it creates new pages. The Title Page page count will not affect the Default Document's (script) page count. 

Export and Print without Title Page

  1. Follow the Export a PDF steps
    1. Drag the Title Page to the Do Not Include section


  1. Select Customize > PDF
  2. Under Title page, uncheck the box next to Basic title page
  3. Select File > Export Default PDF

Upload a Custom Title Page - Pro Feature

The custom title page will not be visible in the project. You will be able to see it upon exporting.

  1. Select Customize > PDF
  2. Check the box for Custom title page
  3. Select Choose File to upload a PDF of the custom title page
    1. The Custom Title Page will only be visible upon export.

Apply the Title Page Template

This is great if you need a second title page for multiple submissions or you need to reset the template of your Title Page for any reason. 

  1. Select Format > Document Template > Default Templates > Title Page
    1. If there is content on the page, it will change the formatting of the content but will not replace the content.

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