Customize PDF Preferences

Customize > PDF

Your PDF export can be more than just a document. Customize your PDF preferences to meet your specific needs, including a custom title page, PDF security, watermarks and more!

To open the menu select Customize > PDF.

PDF Preferences

  • Show deleted text - When revisions are turned on, the deleted text will be visible in red with a line through it. 
  • Print document in color - Any content that is in color will be visible in that color when exported.
  • Print outline in color - Outline lines are blue by default. These lines will be visible in that same color when exported. 
Title page
  • Basic title page - This will include the default basic Title Page with the Default Document each time you export. 
  • Custom title page (Pro feature) - This will allow you to import a custom title page from your computer. The custom title page will be visible upon export. 
Media links
  • Include links (Pro feature) - When you export the PDF, any links added to the document will be active in the PDF document.
  • Password - Create a password that will be required for anyone to access the PDF.
  • Subject - Create an ID tag in the PDF.
  • Prevent printing - Anyone who accesses the PDF will not be able to print it. 
  • Prevent copying it - Anyone who accesses the PDF will not be able to copy any of the content. 
  • Enabled - Will allow you to create a custom watermark for your PDF export. Customize the name, color, layout, and other formatting.
Generate PDF
  • Download PDF - Quick link to generate a PDF.
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