Duplicate a Project - Paid Feature

Want to take your project in a completely new direction? Simply duplicate the project and it will create a complete copy of the project and the desired documents, including each document's edit history. 

*Note: This feature is available with a paid subscription. Update your subscription today!

Duplicate a Project

  1. Go to the Project widget and select the three dots to the right of the Project name, or select File > Duplicate Project
  2. Select Duplicate Project
  3. As needed, update the new project's name
    1. It will default to the current project's name followed by "(COPIED [Day Month DD YYYY])"
  4. Check the boxes for the documents you wish to duplicate into the new project
    1. The Default Document, which is the first document made when the project was originally created, will carry over automatically
    2. To copy one specific document into a new project, see Copy a Document into New Project
  5. Select Duplicate

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