Change Line Type

What does it do?

Each document template is formatted to allow for seamless writing. This means line types are already formatted for you. All you need to do is select the line type you would like, or better yet, let the intuitive software guide you through your writing. 

Change Line Type

This will apply only to the line your cursor is in or any selected lines.

  1. Depending on your display layout, open the line types menu
    1. Select Format > Line Type
    2. Select the Line Types & Tools icon from the sidebar
    3. In Classic (Modified) layout, Line Types are listed on the left side of the display. They can be moved around the layout as desired.
  2. Choose the desired line type
    1. Select the line type from the menu list
    2. Use the Ctrl/Cmd short keys to quickly assign the line type
      1. If you are in the sidebar menu, pressing Ctrl/Cmd will reveal the shortcut for each line type, if it has one.

The Line Type's Intuitive Nature

Each document template's line types have been formatted to follow a traditional pattern of progression based on industry standards. 

Using the Screenplay template as an example, the first line of the script will be a Scene line followed by an action line. Enter/Return will bring you to another Action line unless you press Tab, which will bring you to a Character line, then a Dialogue line, and back to an Action line. This pattern will continue as you make your way through the script. Strategic pressing of Enter/Return or Tab in specific places will lead you to auto-fill menus, Transitions, and other line types. 

The goal is to remove the time it takes to format a line or even choose the type of line you need. Writing should be seamless and uninterrupted. 

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