Format Text Style

What does it do?

We understand that different font style can help identify content in a way that best suites your workflow. 

For All of a Line Type

This will apply the formatting to all of the lines in the script that are designated as this line type.

  1. Select Customize > Format
  2. From the Line Types drop-down menu, select the line type you wish to affect. 
  3. Select the formatting option(s) you would like. 
    1. Bold 
    2. Italic
    3. Underline
    4. Uppercase
    5. To alter text color, please see Change Text Color.
Format Line Types Menu:

For a Selection of Text

This will affect only the selected.

  1. Select Format > Text Style
  2. Select the desired format option
    1. Bold     Cmd/Ctrl+B
    2. Italic     Cmd/Ctrl+I
    3. Underline     Cmd/Ctrl+U
    4. Strikethrough     Alt/Option+Cmd/Ctrl+X
    5. Uppercase     Cmd/Ctrl+/
    6. Lowercase     Cmd/Ctrl+\
    7. Superscript
    8. Subscript