MultiColumn - Premium Feature

MultiColumn is used in document templates that require text to be lined up in columns side-by-side. You create your own template using this tool, too. Whether you are writing in the UK Stageplay template, Audio/Visual template, Virtual Reality template, or are looking to have a split-screen moment. Whatever your goal, MutliColumn can help you achieve it! 

*Note: This feature is available with a Premium subscription.  Upgrade your subscription today!

MultiColumn Templates

These templates have MulitColumn already built into them. While they are formatted to fit current industry standards, they are still fully customizable. To start a new project with one of these templates, see Open a Project. To change a document's template, see Change Document Template.

  • UK Stageplay
  • Compact Stageplay
  • Audio/Visual
  • Audio/Visual (Flipped)
  • Virtual Reality
  • Graphic Novel

Set MutliColumn Formatting

  1. Select Customize > Format
  2. Scroll down until you find the MultiColumn section
  3. For each line type you intend to use, check the box next to Split columns across pages and select the desired alignment

The WriterDuet MultiColumn plugin provides capabilities for the use and manipulation of columns in scripts, across scripts, and in new built-in or custom templates.

Feature List

  • MultiColumn Mode: Format sections of your script into two columns for any number of pages. Use it to write in split-screen, multiple languages, or for simultaneous action.
  • Audio/Visual Template: Write documentaries, commercials, tutorials, and anything else that requires independent yet codependent audio and visual tracks.
  • Virtual Reality Template: Write Virtual Reality (360º) scripts with action happening in multiple directions at once.
  • New Formatting Options: Format column widths, assign line-types to columns or to auto-follow previous line-types, and manually adjust the placement of each line.

Do anything that two pens could do with WriterDuet MultiColumn.

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