WriterDuet’s free version doesn’t watermark your script

You may have heard that a different screenwriting program recently changed their free version to include a watermark saying “Created using…”

WriterDuet doesn’t do that. We let you import and export from tons of formats for free, with no unprofessional indicators of what software you used. Why? Because we trust that our free users will enjoy writing with us so much that they will ultimately upgrade. And sometimes they don’t, which makes us super sad.

But we don’t try to convince writers to pay by making our free experience unpleasant. We do it by constantly making our paid version better! Because that’s a lot more fun for everyone.

So go ahead and enjoy our free script writing software.

With no watermarks. Unless you want them! But that’s a Pro feature. 😉

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  1. How do I upgrade so I can email my screenplay

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