WriterDuet v5 Beta!

WriterDuet v5 is now in Beta!

In WDv5, we obliterate the concept of a totally linear writing process, because that’s nonsense. We still enhance your focus on the specific script, page, and line that you’re on; But now we offer you faster, more intuitive access to the specific tools and supporting documents that you need, when you need them.

As is characteristic of our brilliant dev team, WDv5 (WDVV??) is a truly major technological update. On the feature side, here are some highlights: 
Scene cards in the sidebar are now editable, and are literally the same as the cards in your Card Outliner. In fact, the Card Outliner and your Script are one and the same too! Everything is just a different filtered view of the same content, in document form or cards form. We’re also introducing the Skeleton Outliner, which is a hierarchical version of your scenes and outline lines. So if you prefer outlining in the document itself while your collaborator prefers corkboard-style outlining, that’s great! You can collaborate in real-time despite looking at completely different displays of your content. 
WD has always been highly accurate in displaying the script just as it would appear in PDF, even as you write in real-time. However, things like text size, margins, and headers weren’t always perfectly exact in every single edge case. Until now! What’s more, this update allows us to easily implement variable fonts and font sizes (coming soon), inline images (here now!), and totally straightforward margin customization (try turning on the ruler under Customize > Format. Use it to accurately adjust a line’s margins, or hold Shift to adjust an entire line type).

You can now open different tabs within your workspace! Keep all of your docs just one click away, but also, out of the way until you need them. Tabs can be for more than just multiple projects; Different drafts of your script, ghost mode copies, or even specific scenes, outlines, or treatments can live one click away. These were called Branches, but are now called Docs, and they live under the Docs tab. 
Enhanced comments and notifications, revamped title page, tagger, graveyard and personal notes, interface and performance improvements…it’s all so v5.

You can log in to try out v5 at https://v5.writerduet.com/script – let us know what you think!

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