International Screenwriting Software of Mystery

You don’t go from small startup to international sensation overnight. For us, it took almost two weeks.

Okay, maybe two years is more accurate, but now WriterDuet is stepping onto the global stage with translations into over 20 languages and specialized defaults and settings (e.g. right-to-left screenplay format for Arabic and Hebrew). We’re going to continue to refine our international products, so please let us know anything we can do to help support WriterDuet in your language!

If your browser’s default language is something other than English, we’ll automatically detect that and provide WriterDuet in your preferred language if available. You can also set the language in WriterDuet under the menu Customize > Language (or perhaps Individualisieren > Sprache).

And if you have any translation improvements to suggest, please e-mail with the incorrect phrase and the corrected version to replace it with. If you’re really interested in helping, we can share translation documents to let you dive in and make some edits yourself.

Wir sind hier, um WriterDuet zur besten Drehbuchsoftware der Welt zu machen.

Parce que les scénarios sont la langue dans laquelle les films sont écrits.

Entonces, desde donde sea que esté, esperamos que escriba su próximo guión de película en nuestro software.

O WriterDuet é um software de roteiro que une o mundo.


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  1. hi i want to write in ‘Kannada’ regional language of State of Karnataka, India and Hindi. Does WD support it.

    • We do! Our app supports any input language you have on your device. Email our support team at if you have any other questions.

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