Locations & Scenes Report - Pro Feautre

What does it do?

Generate a complete list of all location descriptions found in the script, as specified by the Scene lines that give the time of day and whether the scene is interior or exterior. For example, INT. LIBRARY – DAY is an interior daytime scene in the library. 
* Note: This feature is available with a paid subscription.  Update  your subscription today!

Generate Locations & Scenes Report

  1. Select Reports > Locations & Scenes 
    1. A window will appear displaying the results
    2. By default Locations, Characters, and Scenes are displayed
  2. As needed, change any of the view settings to change what things are displayed and how.
    1. Information organization drop-down - Change the order the scene and location information is displayed.
    2. Time - Organize information based on the time designated in the Scene line (slugline)
    3. INT./EXT. - Organize information based on interior or exterior scene type
    4. Locations - Organize information based on the location designated in the Scene line (slugline)
    5. Subs - Organize information based on sub-locations designated in the Scene line (slugline)
    6. Totals - Includes the total number of scenes that occur in that location. Appears in parenthesis at the end of the location name.
    7. Characters - Display the characters that speak in each scene with the number of lines for each character listed in parenthesis.
    8. Scenes - Organize information based on scenes.
    9. Page - Display the page number the scene is found on.
    10. Length - Display the page length the scene consumes

Download Report

This will download as a PDF.

  1. Generate Locations & Scenes Report
  2. Select Download

Locations & Scenes Report