Check for Present Progressive Tense - Pro Feature

Find present progressive tense verbs used in Action lines and replace them with the correct tense automatically.

For quick access to this and similar features, add the Analysis widget to your layout.

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For Example:

The present progressive tense of a verb indicates a continuing action.

  • Tom is sitting.

For screenwriting in particular, when describing the actions of a character in an Action line, proper formatting requires short, concise grammar using the third person singular present tense of verbs.

  • Tom sits.

Find Present Progressive Tense Verbs

This tool only detects present progressives in Action lines. There is no complete list of potential present progressives. This feature may not catch with 100% accuracy and does not substitute actual proofreading for these errors.

  1. Select Tools > Present Progressive
    1. The tool will appear in the Modes widget on the right side of the display
  2. Select Find Next
    1. The number of occurrences will appear in red text in window heading.
  3. Click Replace & Find to replace current occurrence and find the next.
  4. Repeat until all occurrences have been viewed.
    1. Select the x to close the tool
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