What does it do?

The automatic spellcheck that is visible when working in the browser is your browser's realtime spellcheck. WriterDuet defaults to your browser's spellcheck.  To edit your browser's spellcheck, see you browser's settings.

Turn on/off Default Spellchecker

This Default Spellchecker option is your browser's spellcheck.  

  1. Select Tools > Spellchecker
  2. Check Default Spellcheck
  3. Right click the word and select the appropriate resolution to the spelling error

Turn on/off Cloud Spellchecker

This will enable the Cloud Spellcheck tool in WriterDuet. This is separate from the Default Spellcheck option, which is your browser's spellcheck.

  1. Select Tools > Spellchecker
  2. Check Cloud Spellcheck 
    1. Depending on the length of the document, this may take some time.
    2. The Spellchecker tool will appear in the Modes widget
  3. Use Previous and Next to navigate through spelling errors
  4. Select the appropriate resolution to the spelling error
  5. Turn off Cloud Spellchecker by unchecking it in the menu OR Click the x in the upper righthand corner of the Spellchecker tool in the Modes widget

Spellcheck Tool in Modes widget with identified spelling errors

Change Spellchecker Language

The Spellchecker language is English by default.  If you are writing in another language, changing the document's language will also change the language Spellchecker uses. 

  1. Select Tools > Spellchecker
  2. Check Document Language
  3. Open menu and select desired language 

*Note: The document language is different than your display language. Changing one will not affect the other. To learn more, see Change Display Language and Change Document Language.