Adjust Starting Page Number - Pro Feature

Want to change the page number your document starts on? Adjust your document's pagination using the Lock Pages feature!

*Note: This feature is available with a paid subscription. Update your subscription today!

Adjust Starting Page Number

  1. Select Production > Lock Pages
  2. Select Lock Pages
    1. This will lock the pages and close the modal
  3. Re-open the modal by selecting Lock Pages again from the menu
  4. Click the lock icon to unlock all other pages
    1. This ensures those page numbers will remain consecutive
  5. Enter the number you would like your document to begin with
  6. Exit out of the Lock pages modal, and you will see your page numbers have shifted
    1. If your first page isn't showing a number, go to Customize > Page and check the box for Show page 1 number.

Revert to Default Page Numbering

  1. Select Production > Lock Pages
  2. Select Unlock pages
  3. All numbering will revert to regular sequential order.

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