Email Collaborators

Need to send an email to your collaborators at once? Want to send a copy of your project to a producer or director? Create email lists to quickly email individuals or groups of collaborators directly from the app!

Create an E-mail List

This email list will be available in all of your projects. Collaborators will not have access to your email lists. 

  1. Select Share > E-mail Document
  2. Select Create New List
  3. Name the list
  4. Enter the email for each collaborator and their name(s)
    1. Use commas to separate each email and name
  5. Select Add To List 

Email Collaborators

This will send the document to the desired collaborator(s) and will not give them access to the project in the app. 

  1. Select Share > E-mail Document
  2. Create an e-mail list or select an existing e-mail list
    1. Lists from other projects can be accessed by selecting Show e-mail lists from other projects
  3. Select the desired file format
    1. As needed, select the amount of content to include
      1. Visible
      2. Selected
      3. All
  4. Craft the email subject and message
  5. Select the desired From:
    1. general
    2. your e-mail
  6. Select Send To Selected Lists

E-mail Lists and Message Drafting

View Email History

You can track the emails you have sent through the Time Machine widget. You are able to see the emails that you sent documents to. You collaborators can only see that a document was emailed without the email address listed.

  1. Open the Time Machine widget to view Email history.

Time Machine widget

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