Publish a Comment-Friendly Link with WriterDuet Read

What does it do?

Looking to get some feedback on your work? Want people to only see the draft at a particular state? Need to share your work with friends who don't have a WriterDuet account? Easy! Generate a link that brings anybody to a view of your document. They can leave comments that go directly to your document in WriterDuet. 

WriterDuet Read links are like sharing a PDF, but with a few added benefits: 

  1. WriterDuet Read links can be opened in one click, so don't require a file to be passed around. 
  2. Scripts are made to look good on mobile devices but maintain the correct page count.
  3. Comments can be added in one click, and WriterDuetters will see these comments right there in WriterDuet. 

Generate a Public Read-Only Link

This will create a read-only version of the current draft that is viewable through the link. You can provide access to your latest version by creating a new link. 

  1. Select Publish from just above the page
  2. Select Create link
    1. To create a link for revised drafts, you will select Publish new revision
  3. Copy the link and share it with friends, collaborators, editors, etc.

Edit the Public Links Permissions

By navigating to the link yourself and logging into WriterDuet Read, you'll be able to change permission for comments between publicly viewable, viewable only for you, or not allowing comments at all.

Delete a Public Link

This will remove access to the document on WriterDuet Read. 

  1. Select Publish from just above the page
  2. Select the trashcan icon to the right of the link 

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