Align Text

What does it do?

No need to worry about formatting the alignment of each line type. It is built in so you can get straight to work writing that one of a kind story! However, if you do wish to change the alignment of things, it is fully customizable.

Align All of a Line Type

This will affect only the desired line type.

  1. Select Customize > Format
  2. From the Line Types drop-down menu, select the line type you wish to affect. 
  3. Select the desired alignment
    1. Left alignment
    2. Right alignment
    3. Center alignment
    4. Justified alignment

Alignment Options:

Align a Selection of Text

This will affect only a selection of text.

  1. Select all of the desired text.
  2. Select Format > Text Alignement
  3. Select the desired alignment from the menu.