Line Alternates

Add multiple versions of any line into the document, so that you don’t have to lose formatting by adding it to a comment, or delete other versions of the line before you’ve decided on a winning version. 

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Create a Line Alternate

  1. Press Alt/Opt + Enter/Return OR Select Tools > Line Alternates > Create Line Alternate 
    1. A copy of the existing line will be created with the text in italics and a broken parenthesis on the left of the line.
    2. If you are creating an additional line alternate, use the Tools menu to create it.

Show/Hide Line Alternates for a Single Line

  1. Press Alt/Opt + Enter/Return OR Select Tools > Line Alternates > Toggle Current Line Alternate
    1. A line with a hidden existing alternate will display with a gray line beneath it.

Show/Hide ALL Line Alternates

  1. Press Shift + Alt/Opt + Enter/Return OR Select Tools > Line Alternates > View All Line Alternates

Switch Current Line and Alternate Line

  1. Place the cursor in the alternate line.
  2. Press Ctrl/Cmd + Alt/Opt + Enter/Return OR Select Tools > Line Alternates > Make Line the Default Alternate 
    1. The alternate line will become the main line and the current line will become an alternate line.

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