WriterDuet for Your Classroom

Custom licenses for any budget

  • Save up to 80%: Purchase bundled licenses on a yearly or semester basis
  • Flexible renewal process: Renew at any time for your new class size.

Real-time collaboration using any device

  • Engage: Write simultaneously or apart and track individual contributions.
  • Manage: Control collaborator permissions and communicate in-app.

Students start writing in minutes

  • User-friendly: Automatic industry-standard formatting gets students writing immediately.
  • Flexible tools: Outline visually, write or dictate, and listen to scripts performed.

Easy in-app submission & feedback process

  • Effortless: Provide in-document feedback from any device.
  • Simple: Organize classwork and assignments with links in LMS, Google Drive, E-mail, etc.

Secure cloud-based backups

  • Remembers everything: Backups are saved constantly in the app. Set up additional external backups at any time.
  • Offline capabilities: Work offline in browsers or mobile and desktop apps.

Through email, live chat, and video support, our team is here for you!
Reach out to help@writerduet.com to let us know how we can help.

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Individual students and educators receive 50% off of any subscription.
Get an individual educational discount!
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