Watermarks - Pro Feature

Looking to share a PDF of your script, but want to add a watermark for security? Easily add a customizable watermark to your document before exporting. 
* Note: This feature is available with a paid subscription.  Update your subscription today!

Add a Watermark

Once enabled, every PDF export will include the watermark until it is disabled.

  1. Go to Customize > PDF
  2. Under Watermarks, check the box to Enable
  3. Enter the text you would like to include in the watermark
  4. Select the desired color for the watermark
  5. Select the desired font
  6. Select the number of watermarks you would like per page
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
  7. Select the desired formatting
    1. Diagonal - will place the text diagonally on the page
    2. Outline - will outline the text in the designated color with the interior remaining white
    3. Behind - will place the watermark behind the text on the page
    4. Opacity - will designate the transparency of the watermark
    5. Size - will designate the size of the watermark
    6. Spacing - will designate the spacing between each letter in the watermark text

Watermarked Title Page

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