Writing Schedule

Help keep yourself on track by setting a writing schedule. Fully customize the schedule to your writing needs. This feature will sync with your Google Calendar.
To set a writing goal, see Writing Goals.

Create a Writing Schedule

Create as many writing times as you would like. Simply repeat the process until you have scheduled everything.

  1. Select Tools > Writing Schedule OR go to the Goals widget to select View writing schedule
  2. Name the event
    1. The default event name is "Writing reminder"
  3. Add any event details
  4. Select the days of the week you would like to schedule the writing time
  5. Select the Start time 
    1. Available in 15-minute increments
  6. Select the End time
    1. Available in 15-minute increments
  7. Select Submit
    1. This will open your Google Calendar to allow you to finish creating the event.

Schedule writing time options

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