Shorten Document Length - Pro Feature

Need to cut a page or two? Making a document appear shorter is a time-consuming and often frustrating task. This feature allows you to automatically find extra spaces in the document to make the overall length of it shorter.

For quick access to this feature, add it to your Tools widget.

* Note: This feature is available with a Pro subscription.  Update your subscription today!

Find Opportunities to Shorten the Document

  1. Select Tools > Shorten Document
    1. Settings options will open the Mode widget on the right of the screen. If it does not automatically open, select the small left-facing arrow near the top right of the display.
  2. Set the desired margin, line, and orphan word settings.
    1. Move margins up to (#) space(s) - Looks for opportunities where moving the margin out [#] space(s) will shorten the overall length of the script. This will affect the overall appearance of the script and may affect required margin specifications for certain formats, especially in Dialogue lines. 
    2. Try to shorten up to (#) space(s) - Looks for opportunities within lines where removing a space or spaces would create fewer lines in total. 
    3. Orphan words up to (#) space(s) – Detects words that are alone on a line that have wrapped from the previous line and contain up to the specified amount of spaces. It will detect opportunities that are less than or equal to the designated number. 
  3. Select Find Opportunities
    1. Available opportunities will be highlighted in color.
  4. Place the cursor in an available opportunity.
    1. Instructions for shortening will display in the Modes widget. 
  5. Complete all the shortening opportunities as desired. 

Shorten Document Feature in Modes Widget with available opportunity instructions displayed

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