Move & Rearrange Scenes

What does it do?

Need to quickly and easily change the order of scenes without having to cut and paste content? The Cards widget and mode allow you to do just that by dragging and dropping cards. For example, you can quickly and easily move the fourth scene in your script to precede the second scene in your script. This flexibility makes revising your script and tweaking your story structure much simpler.
To learn more about how Cards Mode works, see  Cards Widget & Mode and  Outline Mode

Move & Rearrange Scenes

In Cards Mode/widget, each card is a scene. For example, the 1st Card = Scene 1 and the 2nd Card = Scene 2, and so forth. You can turn on scene numbering through Customize > Page.

  1. Go to Cards Mode or open the Cards widget
  2. Click and hold the card (scene) you would like to move
  3. Drag the card (scene) into the desired location.
    1. You will know the location it will land by the blue line that appears between the cards.
  4. Drop the card (scene) in the desired location.
    1. The scene will move to its new location in the script, which you can see in Page view

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