Manage Your Projects & Portfolio (v6)

We have made some great changes in v7 to managing your portfolio, projects, and documents. Check out Manage Your Portfolio and Manage Your Projects & Documents!

Manage Your Projects

Each project is a collection of important documents (Docs) for the story you are crafting. The structure built into projects helps keep you organized and the portfolio helps you keep your projects in order. 


In your portfolio, you will find a variety of options.

Open Portfolio

  1. Press Cmd/Ctrl + O


  1. Select the File > Open Project


  1. Select the folder icon in the left sidebar or in the top menu, depending on your layout

Edit Portfolio Settings

  1. Open your portfolio
  2. Select the portfolio settings wheel
  3. Check the box for the desired setting(s)
    1. Open Portfolio on load - will open the portfolio each time you open the app
    2. Open documents in tabs - will open each document from a project in a tab upon opening
    3. Hid docs in Portfolio - will hide the view of Docs and Share options from the portfolio view

Portfolio settings

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