Manage Your Docs (v6)

We have made some great changes in v7 to managing your projects and documents. Check it out!


Also referred to as Docs, a document is the content you are crafting. You can view the document and its contents in a Page view, Cards mode, or Mind Map. Each project is a collection of these documents (Docs) for the story you are crafting.

Each project will start with three documents: Default Document, Title Page, and Private Pad. These documents are separate to help you keep your content organized with document templates that contain industry-standard formatting. You can add more documents as you create your custom workflow in the app. Open documents through the Docs widget.

Default Document

This is where you will craft your story, whether that's a screenplay, stage play, novel, etc. This document is loaded with the screenplay template by default and you easily change your template through Format > Document Template. 

Title Page

This document comes prefilled with your project information in the industry-standard title page format. All of the content and formatting can be edited. This document will export with the Default Document by default. Change this setting in Customize > PDF.

Private Pad

This document is like your scratchpad. Leave notes, thoughts, musings, etc. to your heart's desire. Don't worry about any collaborator's seeing this information. It's private unless you no longer want it to be. 

Manage Your Docs

Your options for managing documents are practically limitless. Discover all of the possibilities and create your custom workflow. 

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