Open a Doc (v6)

We have made some great changes in v7 to simplify managing docs. Check it out!

What does it do?

Also referred to as documents, a document is the content you are crafting. Each project is a collection of the documents (Docs) for the story you are crafting.

Open a Doc

Newly opened documents will appear to the right of the tab that is being viewed.

  1. Go to the Docs widget 
    1. In Simplified or Hybrid layout this will be found under the Project Info & Docs icon on the left sidebar
    2. For instructions on how to open the docs widget see Open a Widget.
  2. Double-click the document to open it.
    1. Or select the three dots to the right of the name and to open the document options and select Open

View of Docs widget in Project Info & Docs tab

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