WriterDuet v7 FAQ

What has seen the most significant changes with the release of v7?

Speed - This was our primary technical focus, and you should now see all of your scripts, books, or plays load lightning-fast -- even your 200 page magnum opus

Sharing - We have now made it easier than ever to share with your collaborators. It’s all behind one button!

Cards - With more viewing options and a crisp new look, Cards will be your bird’s eye view from outlining to revisions.

Project & Document Management - The project widget has a whole new look! Projects and documents are still managed in the same way. We just cleaned up how they are displayed. Also, unlimited documents are available to all users!

Layout - Navigate and find things with ease! Now your layout customization is saved, meaning your will return to it every time until you reset the layout!

How do I get on the new version?

V7 is now the current version, available at https://www.writerduet.com/script. You can verify you're on version 7 by going to the menu Help > Account and if you're still on version 6, just reload the page once more and it should update to v7!

What does publish do?

Generate a link that brings anybody to a PDF-style view of your document where they can leave comments without creating an account, with a single click or tap. These comments will go directly to your document in WriterDuet. Check it out!

Where did my documents go?

The Project Info and Docs Widgets have now combined to be the Project Widget. Here you can view all of your documents and make necessary changes to both the project and documents. Check it out!

How do I get to my portfolio now?

You can still access your portfolio using Ctrl/Cmd+O or File > Open Project! There is also now a shortcut at the bottom of the Project widget. Check it out!