Available Widgets


There are over 20 widgets available to meet your writing needs. You can add, remove, and organize these widgets however you like to create a layout that best suits your workflow.

To change your layout, see Change Your Layout.

Open/Add a Widget

See Open a Widget and Customize Your Workspace for more details on how to open/add, move, and remove widgets.

  1. Select View > Customize Layout
  2. In the Layout Customization Collapsible Widget, select the Widgets tab.
  3. Drag and drop any widget into the desired location.

Available Widgets

  • Line Types - Select and change active line types
  • Tools - Shortcuts for common actions
  • Chat - Chat with collaborators
  • Private Pad - Your own personal notes
  • Graveyard - Store content for later
  • Stats - Writing statistics and analysis
  • Docs - Your project's documents
  • Share - Your project's collaborators
  • Time Machine - View your document as it was at an earlier point
  • Cards - Browse and edit scenes easily
  • Mind Map - Browse and edit scenes easily
  • Tagger - Organize your content with tags
  • Comments - View all comments left on your document
  • Project Info - Info about the current Project
  • Save - Save script and backup settings
  • Profile - Account management and settings
  • Notifications - Activity on your projects and docs
  • Portfolio - Your Projects, folders, and documents
  • Layouts - Manage your current layouts
  • Widget Area - New region to drop widgets

Widget Areas

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