Change Your Layout

What does it do? 

With seven customizable layouts, you can create the workspace that best suits you! 

To learn more about the available layouts, see Display Layouts.

To learn more about how to customize your workspace, see Customize Your Workspace.

Change the Layout through Main Menu

  1. Select File > View
  2. Select Customize Layout
    1. Options will appear in a collapsible menu near the bottom right of your display
  3. Select the desired layout
Layout Customization Collapsible Menu

Change the Layout through Layouts Widget

  1. Select the Layout Icon
    1. Options will appear in the left widgets panel
  2. Select the desired layout
Layout Options displayed in Left Widget Panel 

Reset Layout to Default

  1. Select View > Customize Layout
  2. Select Reset or the reset icon next to the layout you wish to reset.

Option to Reset Modified Layout

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