Copy From Date/Time - Paid Feature (v6)

WriterDuet v7 no longer supports Copy From Date/Time.

Time Machine and Timeline are great alternatives to Copy From Date/Time.

Please email for additional details and alternatives!

What does it do?

Make a copy of your document from any point in time. This feature is especially useful if content has accidentally been deleted or altered the text and it cannot be recovered with the ‘undo’ button. 
Note: This feature is available with a paid subscription.  Update  your subscription today!

Copy from Date/Time

  1. Select Docs > Copy From Date/Time
  2. Select the desired date on the calendar or type it into the box.
  3. Select the desired time with arrow keys or by clicking and dragging on the timeline.
  4. Select ‘Export’
    1. A copy of the document from that point in time will automatically open as [Project name (MM/DD/YY [time]).
    2. As needed, rename the document. 
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